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Mandy Kotzman, Ph.D.

Professional Development and Personal Coaching Services
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What does training cost?

For presentations, seminars workshops and/or training, I charge $350 per hour, or $2,200 - $2,800 per day (depending on group size), plus travel/accommodation expenses. These rates are somewhat negotiable and discounts are available for local government and non-profit organisations (click for details - PDF). Rate increases are anticipated for services provided in 2010 and beyond.

What does personal coaching cost?

The entire coaching alliance is co-created by coach and client; so all aspects of its configuration are negotiable. If you are highly motivated to use me as your coach, but want an unusual schedule, or are deterred by the standard rates (click for details - PDF please contact me so we can determine a mutually acceptable arrangement. Fees are levied on a monthly basis and are paid in advance.

A common arrangement is for from one to four 30-50 minute calls per month, with email and "top up" coaching conversations (~5-10 minutes) between. Between calls, you undertake the "homework" you have chosen, and as a result, much of your learning, growth and actions happen between the calls.

Some clients like the consistency of regular session, where each week or few they are accountable for the goals they have set. They like to keep in touch with their intentions and performance. Others find intermittent coaching brings out their best - a few sessions, a break, then a few more sessions, and so on. It gives them time to process and practise what they are learning with less urgency.

On completion of the initial coaching arrangement, you may finish with coaching, commit to a further term or continue on a month-to-month basis.

Service provision: face-to-face, by telephone or via the internet

Owing to the benefits of experiential learning, most of my training is provided in person, although remoteinteractive sessions may be arranged remotely. Face-to-face coaaching is available in northern Colorado for most of the year, and in Australia (usually) in February and October by arrangement. However, today there are very competitive long-distance telephone rates available, so I am usually happy to make our calls if this applies to you.

In addition, I can offer voice over internet (VOIP) or iChat by arrangement.

What if you want to stop the coaching?

Either party may terminate our Agreement in writing with good reason and adequate notice (prior to our last session). It is useful to use part of our final session to exchange feedback and tie up any loose ends. Fees paid for unused months in multi-month arrangements will be refunded (adjusted for any discounts where appropriate).

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