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Mandy Kotzman, Ph.D.

Professional Development and Personal Coaching Services
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Complimentary personal coaching session

Satisfy your curiosity!    Do something for yourself - give coaching a try.

With a complimentary coaching session, there is no cost in seeing what coaching can offer you, and if we're a good match for each other.

This experience will give you a sense of what coaching is like. Some people are excited to chat; others are nervous. Wherever you are is just fine.

If we're a good match and you wish to engage me for more coaching, we can design a coaching arrangement to suit us both.

See for yourself why so many successful people use coaches.

Contact me by phone, email or surface mail:

  • (970) 224 4549 (USA Mountain Time Zone: GMT-7hr)
  • Creative Pursuits, LLC
    P.O. Box 1084
    LaPorte, Colorado 80535-1084

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