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How Satisfying is Your Life?

Interpret your score:

71 - 80You seem to have developed an understanding who you are and how you fit into the world, and strategies for maintaining a balanced and connected life. I'm guessing you are satisfied with your current life and want to keep it that way!
51 - 70You are clearly on track for a high quality life. Coaching could provide support and inspiration to fuel your journey.
31 - 50You appear to be somewhat fulfilled, but I suspect that there are some areas of disconent. If you made quality of life a priority, might the improvements be reflected in a higher score next month?
11 - 30Seeking fulfilment, overwhelmed, or both? You know or suspect its possible, and that you want it, but you may not be sure how or where to start.
0 - 10Unfulfilled. Life may well seem a bit out of control or out of balance. Is this a passing phase, or a chronic condition? Coaching could help you figure what you really want from life and how to get on track.

How might you increase your satisfaction using a coach?

Unearth or revisit your core values

Reviewing your core values, and how you want to achieve them, can greatly increase your level of life satisfaction with life. There are lots of ways to do this, and a coach can help.

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Balance the different aspects of you life

Obsessiveness or inattention can undermine your ability to maintain balance in your life. Being aware of how you are nurturing (or neglecting) all aspects of your life, and on what time frames, can help you design and create the life you want. Coaches can help you achieve balance in your life.

Be yourself

It is easy to fall into the trap of following other's expectations: from society at large, or family, friends or peers. Its important to see clearly who you are and what makes you feel most alive. Until you embark on a path that is right for YOU, you are likely to feel restless or discontented. Coaching provides a safe environment for self discovery.

Get back to nature and community

Regularly enjoying nature can provide a greater sense of connection to the outer world and an enhanced feeling of well-being. If you live in the city, regular walks through near-by parks or other green spaces can significantly raise your spirits. What nourishes your spirit and are you getting enough of it?

Similarly, most of us need on-going, positive relationships with other people to avoid feeling isolated. Whenever you reach out to help someone else, you expand your ability to give and receive love. If your life lacks social ties, the support and accountability of coaching may help you explore ways to create more social connectedness (e.g., join or form an interest group, offer your services as a volunteer, or whatever works for you).


Often we feel too rushed to really enjoy living; what with working, commuting, and caring for ourselves and others. Deliberately taking time (even brief moments) to appreciate the light in the sky, the shape and texture of trees or flowers, the power of being able to move, the smile of a friend, or the luxury of rest, can make a world of difference.

Many of us tend to downplay our own accomplishments - and we are encouraged to do so. We move to our next task or goal without giving ourselves credit for what we've just achieved. Whenever you complete a task or project, take time to absorb the satisfaction of doing it. As your coach, I will celebrate you successes and encourage you to do the same. Tangible rewards for a job well done might include: spoken recognition, putting your feet up after a day of yard work, taking a hot bath instead of a hasty shower, taking time to walk around your yard/house/office and really look at what you have achieved.


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