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Responses to training and coaching with Mandy

What trainees say

"Well done. This is a fantastic workshop!" - Alana

"... today's workshop will be useful to me in my life and at work" - Mystica

"... one thing I found particularly interesting was reminding me that I am in control of my own feelings" - Debbie

"The tasks and tools were useful and relevant. I will recommend this to my director, manager and work colleagues as I feel this would be beneficial to our whole ... department and perhaps even other ... areas within [the] ... council" - Suzanne

"Thank you for a great presentation. I was engaged throughout the day. Material covered was clear and concise ..." - Roxy

"... today's workshop will be useful to me in dealing with staff and volunteers" - Ann

"... the workshop built on existing skills and I developed new skills in listening and drawing out responses" - Mary

"I realised that I thought I listened enough, but I don't!" - Anonymous

"... There was a good range of activities ... Very practical. Presentation was friendly and informal - Rabekah

"Very useful and interesting." - Anonymous

"Today's workshop will help me with work and my teenage son." - Sharon

"I will think about what I am saying" - Meredith

"It has provided me with knowledge and skills to be better at communicating" - Pam

"I was very satisfied with this workshop" - Jeanette

"You did a great job, and I only heard glowing comments ... I've already started implementing some of the techniques you discussed, and I'm excited to continue!" - Lori

"Very useful for our future endeavours" - Cornelia

"... learnt a lot about myself [and] ideas to help with life and relationships also" - Rita

"I think I've learnt the tools to express empathy" - Anonymous

"... valuable opportunity to practise ideas and gain feedback" - Nichola

"I was very satisfied with this workshop" - Jeanette

What coaching clients say

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"Mandy's listening was critical. She provided a great opportunity to explore different strategies to business creation. She reminded me to include my vision, love of my work, and passion in my business model. She helped by making me accountable to accomplish specific tasks that led to the creation of my dream; owning my own business. I now know I will make a contribution working with adolescents and their families. Mandy challenged me to live this dream. She listened to my ideas and added her suggestions for creation of this business. Four months latter Markham Breen & Associates is a reality, and I am thrilled by the possibility of this endeavor.

If you are interested in creating a life of your own design, living your passion and vision, I highly recommend Mandy as a life coach. Her empathy, insight and sense of humor will help keep you focused on what's most important in your life."
- Markham

"I found that using Mandy's Personal Life Coaching was a very worthwhile experience. I had a good life, family and career, but it was lacking in passion. I tuned into past experiences when I had felt "in the groove." I wrote them down and discovered some key words. Refining the key words and ranking them helped me focus on what I needed that I didn't have at the moment. Next, I contacted individuals who were doing the things that I thought might apply to me. I then visualized what an event that I planned might be like in the future. This took lots of imagination, but was very helpful. The whole process of this exploration has lead me to what I believe will be a more passionate and fulfilling life. The whole process was an evolution, which Mandy expertly guided me through. Life coaching was a very rewarding endeavor for me." - Alison

"Initially felt a little dubious about whether having regular sessions would be worthwhile and, to be honest, a bit embarrassed about needing to get this type of help. Mandy has totally changed my view on the value of coaching. I now have no hesitation in telling people that I get this kind of assistance, and I recommend Mandy's services to anyone going through some type of life change. She is friendly, easy to talk to, very well organized, a great listener and is great at giving balanced coaching and guidance, in a supportive and objective way.

I've found that putting together a prep sheet ahead of coaching sessions is, in itself, a great tool, and it has often galvanized me into action sooner and with much more organization than I'd have done things on my own. I've focused mainly on discussing career and life style changes with Mandy, but whenever a more personal question has reared its head, she has also provided excellent insight and tons of moral support on that front too.

I can't recommend Mandy's services highly enough. It's like having a supportive friend with a constant stream of great ideas on tap for every session, without a 'vested interest' or preconceived notions of how your life should be or what you should do. If you're wanting to change your job or lifestyle and are struggling with how to go about it, but think that life coaching is too 'new age-y' or frivolous, try a session with Mandy and I bet you'll join me as a convert!"
- Diane


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