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Front cover of Authors, Anne Kotzman and Mandy Kotzman


Anne Kotzman and Mandy Kotzman

Penguin Group (Australia) 2007
ISBN-13: 978 0 14300 542 1

This book is about how to get along better, with yourself and others - about how to nurture the quality relationships that a so critical to successful and satisfying lives.

In a simple, easy-to-read style, illustrated with entertaining and pertinent cartoons, it presents ideas and skills to help you appreciate yourself and others, and to promote more effective and rewarding communication.

This new edition, a mother-daughter collaboration, has been completely revised and expanded, adding two new sections - self-awareness and conflict management - to the original topics of self-esteem, listening skills, and self-assertion. It is a synthesis of new and old; contemporary challenges connected with enduring wisdom - the tried and true!

It doesn't dazzle you with false hopes, but quietly and methodically explains how to go about building better relationships - relationships based on connection, understanding and trust - relationships that enhance rather than diminish our humanity - relationships that have the power to transform lives; our own and those with whom we communicate.

For an excerpt, see Penguin's website (Click here).

Available from all good Australian bookstores, and online from:
  • (USA) (Click here).
  • The Success Centre (Australia) (Click here).

  • New Book, out now!

    "Listen to Me, Listen to You, A Step-by-step guide to communication skills training." (ACER Press 2008). Click here for more information.

  • In Australia, from ACER, the publisher  (Click here).
  • In the USA, from (Click here) or ISBS (Click here).
  • In Europe, from the Eurospan bookstore (Click here).

  • About the Authors

    Anne Kotzman
    Anne has been a registered psychologist in Melbourne since 1978. She began her professional career in early childhood education before undertaking further study in sociology, psychology and counselling. She worked as a tutor and student counsellor at the Institute of Early Childhood Development and has facilitated workshops and training seminars in a variety of settings, including the Council of Adult Education, rehabilitation services and community groups. Anne has been in private practice as a counselling psychologist for more than twenty years. Advanced studies in Narrative and Solution-Focused Family Therapy reinforced her belief in people's strengths and their capacity to solve their own problems. She currently lives on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

    Mandy Kotzman
    Mandy, Anne's daughter, has successfully completed a B.Sc. (Honours) in biology and physical geography, a Ph.D. in ecology, and a Diploma of Education at Monash University (Clayton). After teaching and carrying out research in Australia, Israel and the USA, she trained in mediation in Australia (Queensland Justice Department) and life coaching in the USA (Institute for Life Coach Training). Through her company, Creative Pursuits LLC, Mandy now offers training aimed at enhancing personal and inter-personal skills, as well as personal life coaching alligned with the principles and ethics of the International Coach Federation. She focuses on approaches and skills that determine the quality of relationships and personal effectiveness, and on crafting creative solutions to life's challenges.

    Click here for more about Mandy

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