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Superior Service SkillsTM

Fast track your reputation for service excellence with my professional development programs.

  • Generate satisfied and loyal customers
  • Grow your business with free referrals
  • You will "get" what they want, so they get what they want

  • All programs can be customised to suit your organisation's particular needs, and presented in-house or externally.

    Refresher (one to two hours)

    This seminar is designed to address the importance of your customers' satisfaction and to highlight the interpersonal skills you need to generate it. Topics include:

  • What is "superior service", and why does customer satisfaction matter so much?
  • What rapport is, why it matters, and how can you create it with each of your clients?
  • Understanding individual communication styles and how to use them to provide better service.
  • What happens between a stimulus and a response? How understanding this empowers you.
  • Effective listening - hearing vs. demonstrating understanding.
  • Master Classes (half-day or one-day)

    These interactive programs offer deeper consideration of the components of Superior Service SkillsTM combined with experiential learning - you will integrate and practise new ideas and skills in a fun, supportive environment. You will learn:
    • Why comprehensive customer satisfaction matters.
      • Creating a reliable client base.
      • Free marketing through referrals.
      • Avoiding the negative repercussions of a "thumbs down".
    • What really constitutes "superior service"?
      • Key "secrets" of exceptional customer service.
    • What rapport is, why it matters, and how to create it with each of your clients.
      • Mastering pacing - speed, voice quality, facial expressions, appearance, and posture.
    • How to understand individual communication styles, and use them to provide better service.
      • What is involved in effectively sending and receiving information?
      • Getting on the same wavelength.
      • Personality styles - a further consideration.
    • How to use a model of thoughts, feelings, actions and needs to better understand and manage attitudes and emotions; your and theirs.
      • Understanding and managing what happens between a stimulus and a response.
      • Understanding and meeting real needs for positive outcomes.
    • Effective listening - the crucial interpersonal skill.
      • Common response styles and the reactions they elicit.
      • Listening vs. demonstrating understanding.
      • Some key "counselling" skills for non-counsellors.

    Outcomes and Materials

    You will take away practical information and skills that you can use immediately, as well as comprehensive course notes for later revision, and a certificate of attendance to proudly demonstrate your commitment to customer service excellence.

    Individual Personal Coaching

    Personal coaching is also available by phone, in person or via the Internet, to support mastery of new skills and other personal goals. Click here for more about personal coaching.

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