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When people work together, such as in businesses, organisations or families, they are more productive and successful when they are clear about their intentions or goals, and can manifest positive attitudes and communicate well.

Inadequate communication skills and poor relationships are costly to businesses and are personally detrimental. They waste time and energy, reduce connection, cooperation, collaboration and commitment, and hence impair creativity, productivity, happiness and satisfaction.

Most of us can benefit from revisiting or further developing the mindset and the skills that facilitate successful communication and collaboration.

To facilitate this process, we offer customised training programmes and personal life coaching to improve effectiveness in achieving success and satisfaction based on clear goals and consummate people skills.

The elements of these services are also shared through:
  • The New Expanded "Listen to Me, Listen to You, A practical guide to self-awareness, communication skills and conflict management" (Penguin Group, Australia) 2007. (Click here or on the image for more infomation)

  • And for HR managers, teachers and trainers:
  • "Listen to Me, Listen to You, A step-by-step guide to communication skills training" (ACER Press 2008). (Click here or on the image for more infomation)

    Our services are available face-to-face in the USA and Australia, and globally by phone or internet.

  • Front cover of The New Expanded "Listen to Me, Listen to You, A Practical Guide to Self-awareness, Communication Skills and Conflict Management" by Anne Kotzman and Mandy Kotzman

    Front cover of "Listen to Me, Listen to You; A Step-by-step Guide to Communications Skills Training" by Mandy Kotzman and Anne Kotzman
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    Contact us to arrange standard or customised training for your organisation, or for your yourself.


    There are harder and easier ways to approach things - engaging a coach to support your pursuit of positive change can super charge the process.

    Coaching is inherently personal, tailored to champion your agenda and your needs. To assist your endeavour, I listen, challenge, support, brainstorm, clarify, articulate, celebrate, and acknowledge.

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    Contact us to arrange for a complimentary coaching session.

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